Increase blood flow to working muscles naturally

Improve aerobic ability and boost muscle efficiency

Get more out of training sessions, improve performance on race day, and aid recovery.

ENDURObeet contains Nitrates (*approx 1g powder = 12mg of nitrates)

The Nitrates contained in the ENDURObeet powder are converted to nitrites by oral bacteria, then to nitric oxide which improves blood flow and contractility in working muscles. Research shows that nitrites act primarily in areas of hypoxia; thereby increasing blood flow precisely in the areas where it is needed most. This improves your aerobic efficiency, time to exhaustion, and ultimately your performance. Scientific studies indicate that nitrite levels peak 2-6 hours after ingestion of dietary nitrate and then taper down over the ensuing 24 hours. There is also evidence that there is a "building effect" by digesting nitrate over several days before an event. Individual results will vary. Best used as part of a healthy lifestyle – this means making time for daily exercise, eating more fruit and vege, and eliminating any crap (artificial additives/colours/preservatives/highly processed foods).

ENDURObeet powder is a convenient way to get a natural nitrate boost as part of your busy lifestyle.

Ingredients: 100% beetroot. Nitrate content guaranteed. NO preservatives or additives

Directions for use:

Add to a smoothie : 5-15g (1-3 heaped teaspoons or 2-6 metric) as part of your favourite smoothie - check out the Recipe/smoothie tab for ideas.

Training session: 15g approx. 6 metric teaspoons / 2 metric tablespoons (dissolved in water, juice, or your favourite smoothie) 2-3 hours before.

Race: 30-40g 2-3 hours before a race. Reseal immediately and store in cool dry place. Do not refrigerate.

Do not brush teeth, chew gum, or use mouth wash up until the race post consuming the powder as this interferes with the conversion of nitrates to nitrites.

There may be a temporarily pink discolouration of urine and stools following consumption of the beetroot powder which is harmless.

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